Day Trip | Nottingham: Cats and Caves

Okay, so our day trip turned into more of a half day trip thanks to the extortionate car parking costs in Nottingham, but nevertheless, we saw two parts of Nottingham which I haven't done before. Kitty Café This is the third cat café I've been to; the first being Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in London,... Continue Reading →



I struggled to think of a post idea for yesterday, and then I saw The Daily Post's post 'Windows', in which they suggested the following as inspiration for your next blog post; Your inspiration this week is windows. Use a window to frame your shot. Show us what you see out the window from the place... Continue Reading →

Day Trip | Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a medieval castle in the West Midlands, UK, and is one of the most impressive looking castles I've ever been to. To be honest, I have zero interest in most castles which you simply walk around and then leave. You know the kind? They've actually made something of this one and have... Continue Reading →

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