My First Trip To Ireland | Co. Clare

I’ve wanted to go to Ireland for years, but I always expected my first visit to be one of the more well known places like Dublin. In actual fact my first visit turned out to be Kilkee, a small coastal town in County Clare, as I was invited by a friend of mine to stay at her family’s home away from home.

I didn’t expect an awful lot at first; I’d never heard of it and it looked to me to be in the middle of nowhere, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


We started off by exploring a small part of the Wild Atlantic Way by doing the Kilkee Cliff Walk, enjoying the views of the cliffs and exploring the Pollock Holes and rock pools. Here, we even found a tiny jellyfish! I don’t often (or ever) visit any cliffs so it was a wonderful change of scenery.

We also visited a small nearby town, Kilrush, and whilst it didn’t have an awful lot to offer, we did make friends with a stray cat who I wanted to take home, and saw a confused bat flying around in daylight – not something you see everyday! Here, we briefly visited the Vandeleur Walled Garden.


A new day came and offered us more opportunities. We started the day with pancakes at the local cafe, the Diamond Rocks Cafe, and later went on a dolphin cruise. I’ve never felt as sea sick as I did on this tour, but we did eventually see some dolphins. We also saw a glimpse of Carrigaholt Castle but sadly you can’t go into it or get very close to it at an angle to take a decent photo – the top right photo (above) is the best I could do!


Further exploring the Wild Atlantic Way, we paid a visit to the Loop Head Lighthouse which actually looks quite small until you’ve reached the top to look down from the balcony! If you’re into the history of such places, you might enjoy the exhibition if ever you find yourself here.

We also briefly popped into Ennis to experience a town a little more inland. It wasn’t really what I expected and I was quite underwhelmed, but I’m glad I satisfied my curiosity.

My visit to Ireland has only made me want to come back and explore more of the country. I hope I can come back again soon!


Where is your favourite place to go in Ireland and why? Can you recommend somewhere I might like to go?


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