Things That Made Me Happy This Month | July 2017

I started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks at the age of 16, which led me to think really negatively about almost everything, and I was not happy in life. It took me a while to realise it, but eventually I realised there were things I could do to push away that negativity, and allow some positivity into my life. No matter what happens, I’m sure there are always things, even if they’re tiny things, that can make you smile, feel happy, or feel a little bit more positive, even just for a moment. It’s these small moments that you have to remind yourself of from time to time. I’ve always found it so easy to push these things to the back of my mind, focusing solely on my negative thoughts, which just encourages even more negative thoughts and feelings.

In the past, I’ve tried ‘100 Days of Happiness‘ on Twitter, but that didn’t work for me. There’s not necessarily something everyday. I’ve also heard of people keeping a jar which they fill with scraps of paper with happy memories written on them. But I don’t like to use paper when I don’t have to, so…

That’s why I wanted to start writing a ‘Things That Made Me Happy This Month’ series after being inspired by a few blog posts I’ve seen; to encourage myself to look back on the positive things from the month. I’d like to do it for myself to look back on, but I also like the idea that it might encourage someone else to try to think in this way too.

So here are some of the things that made me happy in July 2017!

  1. Knowing my cat was on the mend. My cat, Max, somehow managed to dislocate her elbow back in mid-June. She’s been on countless trips to the vets (and worn various outfits) and been stuck in a dog crate for a good portion of the time since. This month, we’ve had her bandages taken off (mostly because she wanted them off), and she’s been promoted – she’s now allowed to wander around a room to get some exercise. This means more cuddles for me!
  2. My visit to the Norwegian Fjords. I went on a cruise there this month and it was stunning. The cruise and the Fjords. You can read a little bit about it on my very first blog post.
  3. My new purse. While I was on said ship, I found the purse of my dreams. I’d always hated my previous purse. It never quite fit everything in properly and looked a bit bulky and tacky. There are some great deals on the ship so I couldn’t turn down this Furla purse. £58 down from £155!
  4. Cat pants. Yes, you read that correctly. I don’t mean pants for cats, though. Pants with cats on them. Oh yes. (A set of 3 for £3 from Primark, bargain!)
  5. Starting my blog and seeing the first few views, likes, comments and followers come through. Even if there have only been a few so far! You’ve got to start somewhere.
  6. Polka dot nails. I’m not great at doing my nails; I don’t really have the patience for it. But I liked the idea of trying something new. You know when you try something for the first time and it works perfectly? I get very excited.
  7. Birthday activities. Barbeque, homemade cocktails, Afternoon Tea, and a surprise weekend away.
  8. Receiving my first Birchbox!

I already feel all warm and fuzzy looking over these having just written them. What made you happy this month? How do you stay positive?


7 thoughts on “Things That Made Me Happy This Month | July 2017

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  1. This post was so inspiring, as I’ve also had problems with staying positive all the time, even when doing something fun. This month, being able to spend time with my friends and family a lot more made me happy, and usually I just watch YouTube videos or read to boost myself up. 😉



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