Birthday Plans & Ideas


Today is my birthday (yay!) and I like to make sure I’m going to enjoy it… in my own way. I’m not really one for going out drinking (I think I grew out of that after uni) or having big parties (although I’m more than happy to attend them, especially if there’s cake involved!), so I’m always interested to find out new and fun ways to celebrate my birthday a little more peacefully but that are equally enjoyable.

If you’re a bit like me, then you might enjoy some of these alternative ideas (or have probably already thought of them!).

  • Have a barbeque with a small group of friends or family
  • Make some cocktails at home
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Visit an Ice Bar
  • Go to a cat cafΓ© (for the cat lovers out there!)
  • Spend a weekend away visiting somewhere new
  • Go on a boat/railway ride
  • Go quad-biking (or similar)
  • Have a meal out somewhere extra special
  • Visit a dessert cafΓ©
  • Go wine/gin/anything tasting
  • Spend the day at a beach
  • Go to a concert
  • Cross something off your bucket list

As for me this year, I’m having a barbeque with homemade cocktails, tomorrow I’m going for Afternoon Tea (because everyone deserves a little luxury on their birthday!), and then I’m being whisked away for a surprise weekend trip… more to come on that soon (wish me luck).

What are some of your favourite ways to celebrate your birthday? Can you give me any more ideas?


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