Why I Chose the Kindle Life

I remember when e-Readers first became a thing and I thought it was an awful idea. I loved the look and smell of a brand new book, seeing them all lined up on a shelf, or neatly stacked on my bedside table, in fact, I still do. I hated the fact that everything was becoming digital. It took me a while before I converted to the Kindle owner and worshipper that I am today, and at first, I was nervous and reluctant to even try it. What about all those beautiful books I’d be missing out on?

Anyway, have thought a bit more about it, I bit the bullet and for Christmas 2013 I asked for an Amazon Kindle, because I never know what to say when someone asks, “What do you want for Christmas?” and they don’t give up. This probably added to the nerves, because it would have looked bad if I’d decided I wasn’t a Kindle lover after all and never used it.

Fortunately, though, I fell in love with it immediately. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate actual books. I still have all of my favourite ones pre-Kindle lined up on my bookcase. And if a book comes out in a series I already own, I’ll buy the book to sit next to its brothers. Because, you know, they deserve to be together.

I guess I should justify why my opinion changed so drastically and why I love my Kindle so much now. Here goes;

  • When I went on lengthy family holidays before, reading was one of my favourite things to do if we didn’t have plenty of activities planned (I’m all for activities now). I remember one time when we were going away, I packed that many books that I had to start dispersing them amongst my family’s checked in luggage and hand luggage. I no longer have this problem. I’m sure my family are grateful too.
  • I love the convenience of being able to get hold of a book immediately. If you have the 3G enabled Kindle like I do, you can download books in loads of countries for no extra cost.
  • I like that everything’s in one place. It feels tidy, and you can organise them by genre, author, however you please.
  • This is also space-saving at home. Still living in my parents’ house, I like to keep all of my belongings in my own room. I just like to know where everything is. I was drastically running out of bookshelf space before my Kindle came along. I could only get rid of so many of them!
  • Reading in the dark is one of my favourite parts of my Kindle as it lights up. I often wake up in the middle of the night and to help me get back to sleep, I’ll read a little. I wouldn’t be able to do this if I had to turn on a light and wake up my boyfriend!
  • I almost always read when I’m on my lunch break at work, and it’s great that I don’t have to hold it open the whole time. It’s just so practical. It’s the little things.
  • Bargains. There are some great deals on Amazon’s eBooks and many that are actually free. Need I say more?

These are the main ways in which I benefit from my Kindle, but I’m sure different people benefit in many different ways.

What’s your favourite method of reading?


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