200This is probably my third or fourth attempt at starting a blog, but the last would have been about 6 years ago. Needless to say, I didn’t stick to it, but I’m certain I didn’t have an awful lot to say back then. Now, at least I hope, that I do.

I’m a mid-twenties girl from England, UK, with a desire to share her adventures and ramblings on some of my favourite topics; travelling, reading, lifestyle, nature and the outdoors, and *cough* cats *cough*… and who knows what else. I won’t deny that it is partly intended for me to be able to look back on later in life.

I guess this will be an adventure for both you and I; you’re welcome to come along.

Want to find out a bit more? Why not check out my post The ‘Get To Know Me’ Tag?

All photos used are my own unless otherwise stated.



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